Open Data Day in Moscow - Event Report

Saturday 6 March 2021
11:00 (MSK)
Online, Russia (Europe, Middle East & Africa)
NGO "Infoculture"
Photo of Open Data Day in Moscow

How did your event celebrate open data?

This year we organised a week of workshops (March 1-5), as well as an online conference on March 6. The speakers of the workshops explained how to search, analyse, and visualise data using various tools.

At the online conference on March 6, we invited Russian and international experts to discuss various topics related to open data. The discussions were attended by representatives of government departments, corporations, non-profit organizations, and open data activists.

The programme included the following discussions:
• Business based on open data and open source
• Open data ratings and reports. How they influence the openness of the state?
• Availability of public finance data in Russia
• 2021 census data in Russia: privacy vs social benefits
• What's going on with openness in the world?

The final session was held in English and was attended by Jeremy Rollison, Senior Director European Government Affairs Microsoft; Godfrey Takavarasha Data Manager at Humanitarian Data Exchange; Sarkis Darbinyan, Managing partner of the Digital Rights Center; Ivan Begtin, Director NGO «Infoculture». You can watch the video on our YouTube channel

Lessons learned from your event

In recent years, we can see that governments around the world have started to publish fewer data and rethink openness policies. And as the speakers of the conference confirmed, this is not only a Russian problem, it happens in many countries.

Openness now faces various challenges:
• Search for successful models of data reuse for public benefit. In this process, the collaboration between government, NGOs, researchers, and citizens is especially important.
• Searching a balance between openness and privacy of citizens, protection of personal data.
• Improving the quality of published data etc.

Sometimes it seems that taking two steps forward, we then take a step back. But we are still moving in a more open direction. And we are constantly looking for answers and solutions to the challenges facing open data.

Why do you love Open Data Day?

NGO «Infoculture» is the largest organisation in Russia that develops and promotes open data. Every year we organise events to celebrate Open Data Day. For us, this is a great opportunity to meet with experts and the Russian open data community, to discuss what is going on with open data, exchange opinions, plan common projects and plans. That's why we love Open Data Day.

Did you or your team produce any resources (datasets/tools/maps/code/etc) during your Open Data Day celebrations?

Watch all videos from our Open Data Day workshops and our online conference in this YouTube playlist:

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