Community Mapping Online Event 2021 - Relatório do Evento

Saturday 6 March 2021
9:00 (COT)
Online, Brazil (The Americas)
Patricia Lustosa Brito - YouthMappers UFBA

No sábado, 6 de Março de 2021, o décimo primeiro Dia dos Dados Abertos foi realizado por pessoas de todo o mundo através da organização de centenas de eventos para celebrar, promover e disseminar o uso de dados abertos. Graças aos generosos suportes, a Open Knowledge Foundation foi capaz de apoiar a realização de mais de 60 destes eventos através nosso esquema de minibolsas.

Este evento recebeu uma minibolsa da Open Knowledge Foundation graças ao suporte de Microsoft.

Photo of Community Mapping Online Event 2021

Como seu evento celebrou os Dados Abertos?

We celebrated Open Data Day with the first day of the Community Mapping Online Event.

At March 6th, we held an opening lecture with the participation of Prof. João Porto de Albuquerque (Warwick University, England), Nicera Wanjiru Kimani (Community Mappers, Kibera, Nairobi, Kenya), with simultaneous translation into Portuguese and Spanish, with the theme: Open Map Data for Community Resilience & Empowerment.

Then, we carried out three more activities: workshop 1 - OSM ID and HOT Tasking Manager with Wille Marcel (Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team), the second YouthMappers Brasil Meeting, and a map of the YouthMappers UFBA Chapter. Since then, every Friday we have held workshops with other platforms bringing experiences from different researchers and communities that used them for their mapping. On the 29th and 30th of April, we will finally hold a closing webinar where we will discuss the experiences of these projects using these and other platforms, as well as the construction of a platform that brings together training, studies and other useful information for the community mapping carried out by the community itself.

All activities are being recorded and are available in the playlist some have already reached more than 150 views.

Lições aprendidas no evento:

Participation of community members depends on greater engagement in the organisation and dissemination of the event by the researchers who work with them. On the other hand, the demand for spaces for discussing these themes is desired and very appreciated by students, researchers and professors who wish to carry out these mappings but more than that, that want the community to appropriate these tools and use them for their own benefit. The possibility to have simultaneous translation also is an important point to gather different perspectives allowing not usual interactions.

Porque você ama o Dia dos Dados Abertos?

Map engagement everywhere with everybody!

Você ou seu time produziu algum recurso (conjunto de dados/ferramenta/mapa/código/etc) durante sua celebração do Dia dos Dados Abertos?

At the mapathon we worked on HOT Task Manager project #10486 specially created for our event.

All videos, Instagram cards, links to tools, etc used during the event are available on the event website

As minibolsas do Dia dos Dados Abertos 2022 foram gentilmente sustentadas por:
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