Celebrating Open Data Day (Promoting Open Data in Afghanistan & Beyond) - Relatório do Evento

Saturday 6 March 2021
13:00 (AFT)
Online, Afghanistan (Europe, Middle East & Africa)
Porsesh Research and Studies Organisation موسسه تحقیقاتی و مطالعاتی پرسش

Como seu evento celebrou os Dados Abertos?

PRSO organised an event on 6th March 2021 to celebrate open data and raise awareness about this great movement. It aimed to promote the open data initiatives in all sectors in Afghanistan and beyond. There were more than 20 participants from a broad spectrum of disciplines that made the discussion engaging. We had two panelists from Europe and participants of both gender from Afghanistan and abroad. It was a beginning but a great one that prepares the ground for greater similar initiatives in the future.

Lições aprendidas no evento:

We learned that despite the lack of data know how, Afghan researchers and data enthusiasts are highly interested and there are great potential opportunities before PRSO to embark on and promote the data driven initiatives in Afghanistan. A long way to go but worth it!

Porque você ama o Dia dos Dados Abertos?

Because it is an event that reminds all of to strive for an open future where innovation thrive through openness and knowledge sharing.

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